Our Company has been the distributor of welding equipments and welding supplies from the top manufacturers in the industry. We have extensive inventory of welding equipments (welders, torches, plasma cutters), Wide selection of welding accessories and safety apparels (helmets, gloves, hand tools), Welding supplies (for TIG, MIG and Stick welding) We are having the products from the leading manufactures like Weldzone, Victor, Ezab, WeldMan Etc.

Our Produsts and Solutions Include:

  • Gas cutting set (Complete)
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen/CO2/LPG Regulators
  • Cutting attachment / Torch handle
  • Cutting Tips
  • Auto Plate Cutting Machine
  • Gas Cutting Repair Kit / Accessories
  • Tig Torches & Accessories
  • Oxy/ACTY Twin Hose
  • Rubber Air Hoses
  • PVC Clear Braided Hose (Argon)
  • Welding Electrode
  • Welding Cables
  • Welding Electrode Oven
  • Electrode Holder / Earth Clamp
  • Tungsten Electrode
  • Welding Safety Face Shield
  • Welding Helmet
  • Welding Hand Shield
  • Welding Gloves
  • Leather Apron Guard
  • Fire Retardant Tarpaulin